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  • Vient tout juste de publier une vidéo à Gîte La Comptonie Voyageuse https://t.co/hiF4Irup5Q (09 May 2022, 00:28:31 )
  • Here is the interview we gave to CBC Radio One, with Laura Rietveld and Alison Brunette, about the documentary La F? https://t.co/RM4ukyjE45 (28 Apr 2022, 18:35:30 )
  • Vient tout juste de publier une vidéo à Gaspésie Sauvage Produits Forestiers / Wild Gaspé Forest Products. https://t.co/gDFds39XL3 (20 Apr 2022, 21:42:48 )
  • Vient tout juste de publier une vidéo https://t.co/LYPPiinmuR (16 Apr 2022, 12:26:58 )

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Gaspesie Sauvage : Vue du Ciel


Comptonie_Voyageuse_Vue_du_Ciel_ from Gérard Mathar on Vimeo.


Comptonie Voyageuse and the tiny house in winter from Gérard Mathar on Vimeo.

We are situated in the Gaspésie, a mountainous forested peninsula in eastern Canada.

We offer wild products -edible plants, mushrooms, flowers, wild fruits, seeds and berries... -fresh and dried, all collected directly from their natural environments.
We practice a sustainable picking, that means we don't pick dozens of tons of forest products. We just take what we need !

Our pickers are primarily from Québec, but this can vary depending on the species we are collecting and their respective picking season.
Most of our pickers are land owners picking on their own land.

We always deliver the best quality, whether in bulk or retail.