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Our professional activities are an integral part of our life, and we put all our heart into it, but that’s not all there is to it.
It’s a way to live the life we wish for our family; an existence that is respectful of nature and its treasures, close to the values that are important to us, those that Pierre Rabhi calls «La Sobriété Heureuse ». Living better, with less. Knowing what is essential, giving up the superfluous, learning self-sufficiency, appreciating simplicity and the beauty of things.
We live as much as possible from what the Earth gives us, we raise our own livestock, produce our own dairy products, and cultivate our own vegetable garden. We want to raise our children “with” nature in order to open their eyes to what is important. We also want them to be as independent as possible by teaching them about farming, cooking, picking wild plants, self-construction and personal development.

We reject this capitalist system which is blind to everything, except short term profit and the Holy Economic Growth. Economic growth is not an indispensable prerequisite to ones well-being. A university degree is not needed to understand this; it is enough to take an objective look at the state of the world in which we live : Do you think it’s improving?

We are building a business that we are passionate about. We do not wish to be the most publicized and we do not want to be the owners of the largest non-timber forest products company. We leave these “needs” to those who believe notoriety is indispensable. If money wouldn’t exist anymore tomorrow, we bet we’d be among the happiest…
We do not live from the Earth, we live with the Earth.
We are and will always be true Artisans who offer you wild products that come from our land. In our eyes, hand-crafted quality with a personal touch is only conceivable on a small scale, so as to maintain optimal control over every aspect of our work.
The terms “Regional” and “local products” are currently fashionable. For many, they are synonymous with Quality, Authentic and Craftsmanship. Nowadays, these terms are over-used as “buzz words”. Some skillfully play with these words and their significance to make their industrial foods, whether local or not, pass for local products.

At our end, we act as responsibly as possible in order to preserve our planet:
- we do not pick fragile or endangered species
- our dried products are not fumigated
- our dried products are commercially available in paper bags made of 40% recycled paper
- 1% of our profits are allocated towards the protection of the environment

Enjoy your visit to our website!
Catherine JACOB
Côme, Ossyane & Jonas